Le groupe de hardcore québécois Get The Shot, dévoile son nouveau single, Survival Denied, à découvrir ci-dessous. 

Il commente : « Survival Denied was inspired by the conjonction of two tragic, timeless and implacable observations made respectively by Thomas Hobbes and Arthur Schopenhauer : man is a wolf to man and life is nothing more than a perpetual struggle for mere existence with the certainty of losing it at last.

In a world that glorifies the pursuit of self-interest and disregard cooperation, everyone becomes a potential enemy, a persecutor in power. There is no way one can lead a good existence in such an alienated and self-destructive life. So this song builds on this fatalistic conclusion: if nothing can save us from ourselves, may we all get what we deserve and may humanity burn in hell. » 

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WARM-UP DRAKKFEST CARQUEFOU (44) le 10 juin 2023 – Avec Akiavel et Praetorian

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