AUÐN - Ljóstýra


Le groupe de black metal islandais AUÐN, continu la promotion de son nouvel album en présentant le titre Ljóstýra. Vökudraumsins fangi sera disponible à partir du 30 octobre via Season Of Mist.

"'Ljóstýra', meaning 'Faint light' is a metaphor for lonelIness and the never ending jaded grind our world is spiralling towards, we hope for brighter days that never seem to materialize. Set in a frozen waste (Auðn) a shimmer of light flickers in the distance in an old house This faint light represents the hope of change, that the seasons will return and this perpetual darkness and cold will cease. As the years go by you grow bitter and cold like the world you are forced to inhabit, the feeling that the world will get brighter ever fading into memory. When darkness falls and all hope seems gone the faint candle light brings solace and for a brief moment the world feels bright again.This is 'Ljóstýra'" AUÐN.

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jeudi 24 septembre 2020

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