Meshuggah entre en studio pour enregistrer son neuvième album


Le groupe de metal suédois Meshuggah, vient d'annoncer son entrée en studio afin d'y enregistrer son neuvième album.  Ils commentent : "Things are happening. As some of you figured out we have entered Sweetspot Studios and have begun recording a new album. ::Spoiler:: There will be distortion and kicks. Also, we have other news. We are releasing Per Nilsson back into the wild to roam free in any way he sees fit. It has been a true privilege and honor to share the stage with Per and even more importantly we have made a great friend through our travels. Per. We thank you. You are a formidable human being!!"

Avant d'ajouter : "So why are we releasing Per back into a more stable habitat you ask? The answer is simple. Fredrik will be back for lead work on the album as well as touring going forward. In other words. The band is back together. In full effect."

Le groupe à par ailleurs annoncer une tournée pour la fin d'année, avec en première partie les excellents Zeal & Ardor

Voici les dates françaises : 

22.11. F-Lyon - Le Transbordeur
27.11. F-Lille - L'Aeronef
28.11. F-Paris - L'Olympia
30.11. F-Milan - Alcatraz

Gojira - Amazonia
The Offspring - Let The Bad Times Roll

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mercredi 14 avril 2021

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