Mygrain - V


Le groupe de death metal originaire de Helsinki Mygrain, sortira son nouvel album "V" le 2 octobre prochain. Pour l'occasion, le groupe vient de dévoiler l'artwork de la pochette (en couverture). 

Le groupe commente : "Howdydiddlydildo Folks! Mygrain is proud to finally reveal the cover art from it's long-awaited fifth album hence the name "V". This time around we decided to go with not so obvious illustration as the famous Mygrain logo also shines in its absence. The art work itself is simpler than in any of our previous albums which we feel nicely reflects the music on the record also, more to the point and at the same time has a little bit more muscle to it . Also the fire and passion we still feel towards making and playing music is literally shown in the illustration itself. Hopefully you fans all over the world enjoy it as much as we do and we can't wait for you guys to hear the album when it's released. -MyGrainiacs"

La vidéo qui suit est issu d'un précédent album.

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mardi 27 octobre 2020

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