Powerwolf - Beast Of Gévaudan


Le groupe de power metal allemand Powerwolf, revient avec un single et un nouvel album prévu pour le 9 juillet prochain. Beast Of Gévaudan, à découvrir ci-dessous, est donc le premier extrait dévoilé de Call Of The Wild à paraitre via Napalm Records.

Concernant le single, Matthew Greywolf précise : "We are more than proud to present "Beast of Gévaudan", the first song off our upcoming album, Call Of The Wild. The story behind the song couldn't fit better into the world of POWERWOLF: It's about a mysterious beast that killed countless people in the south of France at the end of the 18th century. The beast was never caught and there have always been many legends surrounding the
events, up to the interpretation of the clergy, who saw the beast as 'God's punishment' or even as a 'savior of mankind from the worldly and sinful existence.'"

Quant à l'album, il commente : "With Call Of The Wild, we are opening a new, exciting chapter in the history of POWERWOLF. The album sounds unmistakably like POWERWOLF and is so much more at the same time: Besides new territory like the Celtic instrumentation in "Blood for Blood (Faoladh)" or the ballad like "Alive or Undead" we have raised all our trademarks to a new level. Until now, we never sounded so powerful and wild - in the truest sense of the word. We can't wait to finally share this beast of an album with you all!"

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