RXPTRS News/ Vidéo "Collapse"


Le groupe de rock britannique RXPTRS, issu de Bristol, dévoile le single Collapse, à découvrir ci-dessous. A propose de ce nouveau titre, le groupe commente : "'Collapse' is about the sinking feeling when you're struggling with anxiety and depression," says singer Simon Roach. "For a long time, I couldn't understand why, for periods of time, getting out of bed was impossible, or why the constant feeling of dread was ever present. I never spoke about it, as I didn't think anyone would understand. So, I channeled it into this song, it was only after completing the song that I realized what these feelings were." 

Chris Santos, du label Blacklight Media Records, précise : "I'm so excited that RXPTRS has joined the Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records Family! I was instantly hooked the first time I heard and saw them, by their unique blend of infectiously heavy riffs, insanely catchy lyrics, and their all around rock 'n' roll swagger! This is a band that's going places and I couldn't be happier to take the ride with them! 2022 will be the year of the RXPTR!"

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jeudi 20 janvier 2022

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