SAXON News/ Vidéo "Remember The Fallen'


Le groupe de heavy metal britannique, Saxon, dévoile le second extrait de leur nouvel album. Remember The Fallen, est issu de Carpe Diem, à paraitre le 4 février prochain via Silver Lining Music. 

Biff Byford déclare : "I wanted to write a song about Covid, about the people that have died, and give my perception of how it seemed to happen" offers Biff Byford. "Certain aspects of it all are quite mysterious, and of course, it hasn't finished yet, has it? We should all remember those who have died as a group of people not really knowing why they died, because the information wasn't there." 

Carpe Diem Track Listing: 

1. Carpe Diem (Seize the Day) 

2. Age of Steam 

3. The Pilgrimage 

4. Dambusters 

5. Remember the Fallen 

6. Super Nova 

7. Lady In Gray 

8. All for One 

9. Black is the Night 

10. Living On the Limit

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