Space Chaser - Give us Life (English)

 Germany, that bottomless pit filled with kickass thrash metal bands! To name a few: Kreator, Sodom, Exumer, Tankard, Dew-scented… the list goes on. My latest discovery in this genre is Space Chaser, a band from Berlin founded in 2011. A real revelation! 

I hadn't come across something like this in a long while. That being said, when a band works with Metal Blade Records, quality is almost guaranteed to be here. That is the case with "Give us life". That record marks the 5 piece band's tenth anniversary. I only learned about their existence when they put out the first song from their new album "Remnants of Technology". I immediately fell in love: fast thrash, high pitched vocals, funny lyrics… and to top it all, a completely wild music video. I like thrash music with serious lyrics a lot, but having that sense of humor from time to time is refreshing to this genre. 

Actually, all the characteristics of Space Chaser I've listed remind me a lot of one of my favorite thrash bands: Gama Bomb. Those who know what they're talking about will have to agree. The second single was also pretty good, but it didn't have that crazy side like the first one. 

Then came the full album. How can I say this… it's sick! To remain on the topic of the lyrics, they're (usually) about science fiction with funny themes (an alien discovering cellphones…) but also can be more serious like in the song "Juggernaut" which tells the story of a super-tank, created by men to win an arms race. That one was a lot less funny. But the track that takes the number one place for the lyrics is the last on the record: "Dark Descent». A 6 minute long song that mixes science fiction and technology. It tells the tale of a few humans who succeed in developing a technology that allows them to travel to different galaxies. "I thought of the architecture to look somewhat H.P. Lovecraft-y" said Siggy, the singer. The song ends on a guitar solo, slowing down as this masterpiece comes to an end. 

As for the instrumental part, we're also in for a treat. The band brilliantly thought of incorporating old school thrash metal sounds but also some death metal or even hardcore punk. I was really impressed. It's a perfect album to get into thrash/speed metal. For those that might be interested, "Give us Life" will be available on Friday 16th with Metal Blades Records. Thrash or die!

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