THE OCEAN Collective News : Concert livestream le 25 mars prochain


Le groupe de métal progressif allemand THE OCEAN COLLECTIVE jouera en livestream le 25 mars prochain. (Tickets ICI)

A cette occasion le groupe interprètera en live tout l'album "Phanerozoic I:Palaeozoic"

Voici le commentaire du groupe pour les anglophones :

""We will be performing 'Phanerozoic I' in its entirety on Thursday, March 25, 8PM CET - streamed live from Pier2, a shipyard in the port of Bremen, Germany.
Please join to make this evening special - it will be a show without any audience in the live room. We'll be playing for you guys at your homes, wherever they are.

After more than a year of absence from playing music, we're stoked to be getting back together to rehearse and perform - even more so, because we have a new space which we are currently transforming into our own recording studio. This is the beginning of a new era for us. We've battled against the inertia of 2020 with writing a whole bunch of new material, and the result is that we've got 2 new albums ready to record once the construction work is done.
For now, there are no plans to make this available online after the event, nor to do this again, so don't miss out on this."

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samedi 18 septembre 2021

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