Carnation dévoile le single Replicant

Carnation dévoile le single Replicant. En effet, le groupe de death metal belge Carnation, dévoile un nouvel extrait de son album Cursed Mortality, prévu pour le 11 novembre prochain via Season Of Mist.




Le chanteur Simon Duson commente : « What would you do if you came to realize that you were programmed to live for only four years? Would you accept the outcome, or try to figure out a way to extend your lifespan? Replicant is a song about dealing with the finiteness of our existence. The song was inspired by Roy Batty, a character from the movie Blade Runner. His tale perfectly embodies the message we want to portray with this track. Musically, it’s quite diverse and different compared to most of the music we have created until now. We hope this will be a welcome surprise for new and old fans alike. »