Heilung continu la promotion de son nouvel album Drif, en dévoilant le second single, Asja. L’album sortira le 19 août prochain via Season Of Mist. 

Le groupe commente : « This is a love song. Maria sings to the listener of love, recovery and prosperity, chasing away evil and welcoming love. The piece contains a quotation of some lines of « Hávamál », combined with a selection of blessing words meant to provide help to the listener in a troubled time. Kai brought his vocal part of ‘Asja’ back to us after a month of isolation, fasting and meditation in nature. Only the spirits know the full meaning, but we do know that the context is love, prosperity and protection. We are releasing « DRIF » on Midgardsblot the 19th of August with an exclusive listening session and meet & greet in the viking longhouse for a limited amount of people, stay tuned for info about tickets <3

Love from Heilung« 

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WARM-UP DRAKKFEST CARQUEFOU (44) le 10 juin 2023 – Avec Akiavel et Praetorian

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