Junkowl – Back To Black (Amy Winehouse Cover)


L’un de nos groupes canadien favoris, Junkowl, rend hommage à l’une des plus belles voix de la soul, Amy Winehouse, à travers leur version de Back To Black.

Le chanteur Jesse Fréchette comment : « When we decided to record a cover song, we knew we wanted to go with one that wasn’t metal to begin with and really make it our own. We chose Amy Winehouse because her lyrical content is very dark and I’ve always admired her honest and extremely personal writing style. My mom is a really big fan, so growing up, I got to hear her a lot around the house and in the car, etc. And as soon as I started figuring out the lyrics, I was sucked in. She helped me discover that a song doesn’t necessarily have to be brutal musically to be heavy. It’s all about how it makes you feel and, in that regard, I would consider Amy’s music quite heavy. Back To Black was always my favourite tune of hers, and the other members of the band all liked the song as well. Outside of metal we don’t necessarily share that much common ground, so once we landed on a song that we all liked and that portrayed a dark edgy vibe, we were sold. » 

Au passage, je vous invite fortement à prêter une oreille à leur dernier album, Making Out With My death, sorti en juin 2020.

Disponible sur bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.