Pup dévoile 2 nouveaux titres : Waiting & Kill Something


L’excellent groupe de punk rock canadien Pup, originaire de Toronto, dévoile 2 nouveaux titres et annonce une tournée nord-américaine pour 2022.

Stefan commente sur chacun des morceaux : 

« ‘Waiting’ came about by smashing the heaviest riff Nestor could write with the simplest, most uplifting chorus I could write, just to see what would happen. The results were very quintessentially PUP, in that the song is a flurry of darkness and anger through the joyous lens of four guys just happy to be here, four guys who don’t take themselves seriously enough to make music that doesn’t feel like fun, regardless of the subject matter. The song features our amazing friend Kathryn Mccaughey of the shit-ripping Montreal punk band NOBRO, singing leads alongside myself.

‘Kill Something’ is about my dog Moose, who is obsessed with destroying the things he loves the most, and then being sad about the fact that they have been destroyed. People say that dogs’ behaviours are a reflection of their owners, and I couldn’t agree more. We originally recorded this song in our jam space, and the final version has bits and pieces from that original recording woven throughout. It’s a thing we’ve been doing a lot lately – taking these big, great sounding studio recordings and trying to find balance with the ragged, imperfect, rawness that is at our core. » 

Je vous passe les dates américaines mais le groupe sera tout de même près de chez nous sur ces 2 dates :

7/6/22 – 7/9/22 – Cheltenham, UK – 2000trees Festival

8/24/22 – 8/27/22 – Málaga, Spain – Canela Party Festival

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