Veile dévoile The Abyss

Veile dévoile The Abyss. En effet, le groupe de horror black metal Veile dévoile son nouveau single, The Abyss, mixé et masterisé par Russ Russell.

La chanteuse Anabelle commente : « In ‘The Abyss,’ we delve into the true horror: what lies within each of our minds. The shape-shifting creature embodies a multitude of fears and traumas, relentlessly pulling the protagonist towards the brink of darkness. This short film is a labour of love, a cathartic expression of my inner struggles and creative dedication. Each shot is meticulously planned, every frame carries the essence of the story and a piece of my soul. While the narrative is a personal one, I believe it’s something many of us can resonate with, making this both a personal and shared odyssey« 

The Abyss